Get a Professional  Wordpress Website
& Learn how to attract a steady stream of customers to your business, consistently every single month. 
We Create Websites & Media That Deliver Measurable Results.
Get your website built and join us for this 6 week digital marketing course for your business. 
If you're a business owner & you want a Kick Ass NEW WEBSITE that attracts a steady stream of customers to your business every month, then you're in the right place. 
In this ALL INCLUSIVE Package: 
Our team of Marketing Experts will build you a new fully responsive, mobile friendly website & we'll put you through our 6 week proven marketing course that will teach you how to attract a steady stream of new customers to your business!
We will walk you step-by-step through the most important systems we use so you can learn how you can make your new website a revenue-boosting, lead generating, marketing platform, no matter if you're starting a new business, or if you're been in business for years. 
Wow, I love what I'm learning, you guys are awesome. 
There's so much to think about that I'm finding out now that I didn't know, even though I've been in the cabinet making business for over 30 years. 
Peter Bandorf
Pb Custom Cabinets
We're going to make this Easy, Educational and Entertaining. 

Over the course of 6 weeks, and 12 online sessions, you'll supercharge your online marketing knowledge. You'll learn: 
  •  How to optimize for Google Search!
  •  How to get sales without being salesy!
  •  How to get engagement with social media!
  •  How you can attract perfect customers to your business!
You'll learn how to attract the type of customers that you WANT to work with in your business so that you can sleep at night & love what you do everyday!
Taught By One of Canada's Top Rated & Favourite Marketing Teams
Create The Exact Website You Want!
Learn how to write effective Marketing Sales Copy, without being salesy, 
all while our team builds your website. 

We'll customize your look from our selection of professionally designed wordpress websites.
Fully Responsive, Fully Mobile Friendly, & Easy to Update
Construction & Home Repairs 
Investment & Consulting
Fitness & Outdoors
Consulting & Business
Coaching & Speaking
Small Business & Consulting
For under $2000 CAD, Here's What You Get:
12 Marketing Training Sessions
If you own a business, you need to know marketing. They go hand in hand. In this 6 week course you'll learn the marketing fundamentals which propel businesses to greatness. You'll learn how to attract, nurture leads and convert those leads into sales. 
A Professionally Built Website
You’ll get a professional, mobile responsive WordPress website that is built and designed by our team to maximize your brand so that you can attract more of the customers, investors, students and prospects that feed your business.
A Brand new website in 2 Years
You’ll have the option to sign up for our premium hosting package and receive 1 hour per month for updates or additional changes done by us for $125/month PLUS after 2 years we will build you a fresh new website!
Social Media How To's and Templates
You will learn about each social platform, we will help you figure out where you should be marketing and teach you how to do it effectively! Quit hitting that Facebook Boost Button until you know what you are doing.
All Kinds of Analytics
We’ll set you up with Google analytics so that you can track website visitors and see how your website visitors grow as you build and expand your reach. We will also share with you some tolls that we use to tack social and read your reports properly so that you have a clear view of what is working and what is not in your marketing plan
A Business Marketing Strategy 
You'll walk away with a crystal clear website strategy that will set the foundation of all your future marketing. We’ll discuss your pages, content, customers and strategy. We’ll help you define your goals and steer you in the direction you need to go online.
Stop putting off your marketing.

 Get your website finished AND get your marketing ducks in a row!
Here is the 6 week schedule!
Week 1: The 3 C's of Marketing
Clarity In Your Business
Clarity On Your Customers
Clarity On Your Competiton

In week one we'll cover the 3 C's of Marketing. Clarity, Customers and Competition. You'll learn how to understand what's going on in the market place so you can better position your brands to meet the needs of what your customers want.

2 Live Calls per week that will help you to look at your business in a whole new way and create the website content you need to stand out from your competition!

Don't worry, everything is recorded for you to have access to for the future as well.

Week 2: All About Content & Copy Writing
Create The Perfect Content for your Message 

Now that we have a crystal clear vision of who our customers are, what we're really selling, and what the marketplace looks like. We'll pull everything together to build website copy that sells, is SEO optimized and has the keywords, phrases and solutions for what our customers are looking for. 

2 Live Calls per week that will help you to look at your business in a whole new way and create the website content you need to stand out from your competition!

Don't worry, everything is recorded for you to have access to for the future as well.

Week 3: Marketing & Attracting Customers
Become an Authority, Build Trust, Create New Relationships With Customers Who Buy

Now this is about marketing. In weeks one and two we were building the foundation of our website. This week focuses on how to become an authority in your market, build a following and create raving fans who help boost your business. 

2 Live Calls per week that will help you to look at your business in a whole new way and create the website content you need to stand out from your competition!

Don't worry, everything is recorded for you to have access to for the future as well.

We are going to teach you all thing social media, so that you can determine which platform best suits your business.

We will cover all things social media, how to set up your social profiles properly, how to drive traffic to your website through online marketing strategies...

How to turn cold audience into warm traffic (and what that actually means!)

You will learn how to do competitor research and create custom audiences via social media.

Have you heard of that dreaded Facebook Pixel? Got you covered, and YES we will even install it into your website for you.

2 Live Calls per week that will help you to look at your business in a whole new way and create the website content you need to stand out from your competition!

Don't worry, everything is recorded for you to have access to for the future as well.

Week 5: Google &SEO
We are getting so close to launching your website by now, this week the focus is on SEO setup so that you can get as high up on that Google tree as quickly as possible!
Week 6: Launch Week!

Now that you have a kick ass website....

How do you work the darn thing?

We will show you around the back end of your website, how to add keywords for SEO, how to update your blog, how to add images to your gallery, how to anything that you want!

We are also going to show you the exact process that we use in order to make sure that you stay consistent in blogging, posting to social media and growing your business for years to come!

Complete with content scheduler templates, a list of amazing resources to add to your tool box you will be ready to take on the world.

**Don't worry- you will still have 3 months of totally free access to The Marketing Drive so that you can keep learning how to rock your online marketing skills**

You'll Also Get These Bonuses:
Bonus 1:
3 Month Access to The Think Big Academy
What do you do after you launch your website?

I bet you haven't really thought about it Huh?! 

Well we created The Think Big Academy  to teach you more about marketing, how to write better copy, how to do email marketing, the latest SEO techniques and what's happening with Social Media.

It's an ongoing monthly resource with phone calls, webinars and bigger community support so you can grow your business bigger, faster, with more profits. 
Bonus 2:
Templates, Cheat Sheets and Workbooks
If we're going to coach you through designing your website content and teaching you how to speak to your customers we're also going to give you step by step workbooks, cheat sheets and templates you can use to plug content in. 

We want to make your website process as simple as possible, so we're eliminating the guesswork and giving you systems that we know get results. 

Each aspect of the course will have handouts that you simply need to fill in after you've done a bit of thinking. We want this to be easy. 
Bonus 3:
Private Facebook Group To Answer All Your Questions
This project isn't just about your website,it's about connecting with other entrepreneurs who are there to help you succeed. The private facebook community will have your back and help critique, boost and enhance your website so that you're not just guessing whether you got it right or not. 

It's also where you can ask all your website questions, during, after and into the future. We're here to support each other, so we can all build profitable, productive, life changing businesses. 
The Investment
New brand building content course, Plus a professionally developed WordPress website built by
the team of Website Ninjas at Think Big Studios.
You'll Receive: 
  •   The Website Marketing Workshop, Copy Writing Course + Coaching ($1497 Value)
  •   A professionally Developed website ($2500 Value)
  •   Your own custom domain name ($50 Value)
  •   Marketing Insights into your customer and your business (Priceless)
  •   12 hours of marketing education you won’t find anywhere else ($2500 Value)
  •   Access to our private Facebook community ($600 Value)
A Total Value of $7789.00 but...
Now Only: $1997.00 CAD
Plus taxes, of course!
2 options for hosting: 

Option #1: Basic hosting - maintenance $25/month
Option #2: Premium Hosting - Premium Email and 1 hour of updates to your website per month
 @ $125 / month

Bonus!- After 2 years of the premium hosting package- 

You get a new website on us - No Extra Cost!

Just when your website is in need of a fresh vibe or marketing make-over... 

we'll create a brand new look and feel - at no extra cost!

Best Value - Option 1: 
1 Pay + Monthly*: $1997 CAD Plus Tax

Pay In Full Bonus: Pay in one swift motion and we'll also give you

4 hours of custom design time with Think Big Studios

Use this toward your logo, business card designs, custom graphics or a brochure. It's our way of giving back to those of you who know what you want. 

*Monthly hosting/maintenance fees not included*

Easy Pay - Option 2: 
3 Pay + Monthly*: $800 CAD x 3 + Tax
1st payment to secure your spot in this program, followed by 2 monthly payments of $800.

*Monthly hosting/maintenance fees not included*
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